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Teaching is one of my greatest joys, whether it involves introducing someone to something completely new, or working with an artist to gain deeper insight into familiar pathways. I love working with students of all ages, from children as young as 3 or 4 up through adults of any age.

My methodology draws on my experiences as a student, combining creativity and personal taste with the development of strong aural and technical skills as well as an awareness of music history and theory. I work with each student to create a learning experience that suits their individual interests and needs. To learn more about my approach, click here.

218785_10150568997990154_1799429_oCurrently, I teach full time at New England Conservatory, where I have a private studio, coach Chamber Music and American Roots ensembles, produce concerts, teach musicology classes, and act as Assistant Chair of the Department of Contemporary Improvisation.





Teaching body percussion at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music

I also spend time every year teaching at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in Kabul, my home away from home.

I am often invited to teach as a visiting professor at institutions around the world, such as the Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland or the Conservatoires at Dunkerque and Calais in France.




Eden teaching at Lark Camp


And I enjoy teaching at folk music festivals and camps every summer, like Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA) or Lark Camp (Mendocino, CA), or the MinierAcustica Festival (Urbino, Italy)…


Here are some of the workshops and classes that I teach.

If you are interested in working with me, chatting about pedagogy, or inviting me to teach at your school or festival, please email me.

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