Thank you from John Zorn (11/5/2014)

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Thank-you from John Zorn

Sub: please forward this to ALL the musicians who performed last night—and again, deep thanks!

to all the musicians who performed last night

heartfelt congratulations!
surely you are all flying high after your huge success… and rightly so.. what you accomplished was truly monumental…

you did a fabulous job on a wide range of very difficult music
you faced the challenge with dedication and passion and every single set was absolutely riveting

each ensemble worked together as a team … putting the music first, listening with open ears and hearts… responding to each other with strength and sensitivity

you understood the macrostructure of the music, your place in it, and addressed the smallest details with a keen sense of drama and feeling …
and when requests were made you quickly embraced them with enthusiasm and openness

your deep sense of commitment to this music is both humbling and inspiring…
and i cannot thank you all enough for what you gave last night to make the music become so ALIVE…

what struck me so strongly was the consistency of your focus and concentration…
an overpowering intensity of FEELING from first note to last… every note had weight and impact
for me compositions are really platforms to enable creativity – and WOW the results were really exhilarating!

one cannot transcend anything by staying on safe ground
the courage you displayed in taking this music on is remarkable ….

you transcended the page, transforming my simple (and sometimes not so simple) markings on paper into a magical rite…
you called upon the angels and they responded.. i saw them!

this is what music is all about

this is how we make the world a better place there is no greater accomplishment

it’s your turn to change the world

we all look forward with great anticipation to where you will be taking music in the coming years… it is hard to imagine a finer group of players…

so here’s to you … and to more adventures in the future… if you ever need anything… i am around

with deep bows of thanks, respect, appreciation and admiration to you one and all

john zorn